Piges Tor

The world of Piges Tor is wild, full, and vibrant, spanning many continents and islands that have grown into vastly different cultures and people.

It has been broken down into nine distinct continents and islands which form a mass of the population of the world. Adulidegind, Nefril, Haduland, Eura Straights, Darunia, Lenisfal, Antiga, Yinus, and Taem.

Adulidegind A fruitful an large continent supporting several provinces all ruled by the king, and governed by their separate liege-lords.

Nefril A small island to the south-west of Adulidegind, split between two factions: the allied races, and the monster races.

Haduland A large continent to the north east of Adulidegind, larger by far and filled with various cultures and peoples as well as that of Adulidegind. This is broken down into separate countries all ruled by various factions, having separate dealings of their own.

Eura Straights Decornia is the most prominent ruling faction in these straights, which are a series of rattled and corroded islands filled with a people forged under the rule of the God-King of Decornia. These islanders can be matched with ancient Vikings in the way they act in their daily lives.

Darunia The southern most continent, filled with ice and snow. A living death-trap for all but those truly prepared for the frigid temperatures and howling winds. Few people live in this ice desert, but those who do are hardy and powerful enough to have mastered their environment.

Lenisfal A large island between Haduland and Darunia, mainly filled with scavengers and various tribal cultures.

Antiga Antiga is a larger island, about the size of Lenisfal, north east of Haduland. It is mostly covered by ice, but supports a green environment in the spring months, somewhat like Iceland and Greenland. Culture there is mostly that of mysticism, where the tribes and cities rely on mages and spellcasters of varying types to produce all their needs.

Yinus A series of small islands surrounding a very large island to the north and slight west of Adulidegind. It is very similar to Antiga, in that it is covered in ice in the winder months, and green in the summer months. Tribes of natives rule this land, constantly at war with each other over ruling of the island.

Taem A series of Islands to the north of Haduland and the east of Yinus, with a large island in the westernmost point of the chain. These islands are covered in ice almost every day of the year. Unlike Darunia, this continent is mostly barren from civilized life, and has barely been studied or researched. No one is quite sure what goes on here. It is said, Taem is teeming with wild life and horrors beyond reasoning. Why they haven’t escaped yet, no one is sure.

Piges Tor: Aeon of Strife